Live on Skysports - Swiss MP Roland Buechel has called Interpol's 20m-euro deals with FIFA a conflict of interest

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Swiss MP Roland Buechel has called Interpol's 20m-euro agreement with FIFA 'a huge conflict of interest.'

On Friday, the international policing organisation suspended a 'sports integrity' agreement with FIFA as bribery allegations against the football governing body mount up.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ, Buechel said of the situation between the two parties: "It's a huge conflict of interest. It's not only that Fifa gave Interpol the money but that they're still giving. The contract lasts 10 years. It started in 2011. About 10 Millione are still to be paid. I don't know exactly how much.

"They're still being paid and Interpol has now understood that the conflict of interest was too big, so they've stopped, I should better say suspended, the contract.

"I've heard that at the Interpol office building in Singapore, one part of it is called 'the FIFA wing' to fight match-fixing and other problems in Malaysia and Singapore. I have that information and I think it's true.

"I don't know whether it's clearly marked 'the FIFA wing' but it's called 'the FIFA wing', that's for sure.

"One thing that has already been done, last week. One chamber of the Swiss parliament decided that private corruption will be a criminal offence. The so-called 'FIFA law' will be enforced quite soon.

"I don't really doubt that it will change. There is not so much to be done in this field but we will have to watch what they're doing and take action, as we have been doing for the last two or three years.

"Of course, people try to contact me but I do what I have to do. Some lobbyists have contacted me and I was talking to them. 

"There actions did not have any effect whatsoever. We have to keep going. If Fifa keep going like this, we might have to put an ende to their association status, which is the core of the problem we are having.

(to the question whether Buchel was fearing for his life): "People are always asking me but I don't think anybody should fear for their safety. Some people do but I personally do not."

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